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Think about the word “Happening”. That’s something to share with “happy” indeed, but saying that something “happened” doesn’t necessarily means it was something “happy”. What we do is to transform the word “Happening” on “Happyning”. For the desire to make that day, for you, for us, something special, worth to be remembered.

A little help comes from the astonishing Mole Antonelliana, always above our dehor, in one of the few places in town where you will not see a single car passing by. Another ingredient of this harmony recipe it’s quite simple: good food. Quality, seasonality, tradition, passion.

But all this stuff would be useful, or incomplete, without the enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff, ready to receive you for every kind of happening: graduations, baptisms, birthday parties… Prepared for something quite easy to say, but hard to reach and manage: the goal of make you feel like home.

Celebrate your happening with Tre da Tre Restaurant, celebrate at family.

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